Ensō Project - Lynne Baron Goodwin

The Ensō Project is an interpretation of the classic Zen symbol: ensō.
The symbol is technically impossible to create in photo form, as actual ensōs are drawn with one or two brush strokes - expressing the moment of creation. Despite that, I have chosen to work with some of my poor photos and missed shots to create a digital variation of the symbol.

Each piece is spontaneous, in that none of the original photos are taken with the idea of creating work for the series. Each piece is original. All the editing layers are deleted as I go. The pieces in this project are not available for purchase online. Please contact artist for gallery and other hanging information.
(Images 1 - 7 of the Centering series were displayed as a part of ArtFields, Lake City, SC, USA, April 22 - 30, 2016.)

Please see the About page for answers to other frequently asked questions. 

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