About - Lynne Baron Goodwin

My images are born from a lifetime of quiet, roaming adventures. As a child, I wandered without a camera. Now, I wander with a lens filtered through memories of childhood daydreams, stories, and poetry born of long walks in historic Southern cities, through pine forests, along uncrowded beaches, and down Appalachian trails.

Sometimes, the images wind up realistic and easily recognizable. Sometimes, they are dreamy and feel like something we think we might remember. Sometimes, they are abstract and appear totally other than what they were when they began. Always, they start as simple moments in my remarkably ordinary life.

I hope you enjoy a stroll through my memories and find a few precious ones of your own.


Contact information:


252 808 5398

Important Information Regarding Prints and Ordering:

1. All images offered for sale* on this site are limited edition. Each edition is limited to two artist's proofs and ten or less prints of any other variety. 

Some prints are now only available from the galleries where they are placed. Those will be noted and contact can be made directly with the gallery to inquire about pricing and shipping options. (Please see below for gallery website links.)

2. In order to ensure the best ordering experience, please contact me directly before finalizing order. Email requests are generally replied to within one to two business hours.

3. Please contact me directly to arrange for commission work or custom editing.

4. For images that are rich in color or contrast, I highly recommend metal prints or metallic paper. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

5. For quality consistency (and my peace of mind) the same printer that prepares your order also prepares my Gallery Prints. If you need assistance choosing the best material/finish for your space, I am happy to help.

*Please see information regarding print availablity and purchase options at top of the following galleries: Somewhere Near Nowhere - Mono Prints, Surreality, and Ensō Project.

Care of Different Wall Art Materials

Metal Prints: Keep out of direct sunlight. If prints will be hung above seating areas, rounded edges or other framing options are recommended. Prints may be cleaned with mild glass cleaners.

Thinwraps and Gallery Wraps: Keep out of direct sunlight. Prints can be dusted and cleaned with a soft cloth.

Gallery Links

StarDust Gallery, New Bern, North Carolina

Galleria on the Lake, Clarksville, Virginia

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